The Chicago Debate Society is the parliamentary debate team of the University of Chicago. We compete on the American Parliamentary Debate Association circuit and send debaters to tournaments almost every weekend. CDS has consistently met tremendous success on APDA, qualifying teams to Nationals every year and routinely winning Speaker and Team Awards at tournaments. We welcome prospective members of all experience levels to drop by our practices every Wednesday at 6pm and Sunday at 2pm in Cobb. For more information, please browse this website or direct any questions to our friendly officer board.

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Tournament Results

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Carnegie Mellon

5th Varsity Team: Emma Ashe and Daniel Takash (Johns Hopkins)
6th Varsity Speaker: Emma Ashe
3rd Novice Team: JP Miller and Mary Gen Sanner
8th Novice Speaker: Mary Gen Sanner

University of North Carolina

8th Varsity Team: Christopher Riehle & David Peterson
1st Novice Team: Steven Krawczyk and Carson McKay
2nd Novice Team: Sarthak Agrawal and Sam Lewis
1st Novice Speaker: Sam Lewis
4th Novice Speaker: Sarthak Agrawal
7th Novice Speaker: Steven Krawczyk
10th Novice Speaker: Alex Feit


10th Novice Speaker: Kaitlyn Bregman

American ProAms

11th Team: Chris Riehle and Sarthak Agrawal

Columbia University

14th Varsity Team: Christopher Riehle & Spencer Whitehead
10th Varsity Speaker: Christopher Riehle

Princeton University

6th Varsity Team: Leighton Huch & Megan Elsayed (Brandeis)

Stanford University

8th Varsity Team: Kevin Guo & Sean Lee
9th Varsity Team: Evan Hernandez & Leighton Huch
10th Varsity Team: Chris Riehle & John Lee
11th Varsity Team: Tinley Melvin & Gordon Lew
1st Novice Team: Kelton Anderson & Vinicius Bremer
8th Novice Team: Paul Drexler & Samantha Neal
8th Varsity Speaker: Chris Riehle
9th Varsity Speaker: Leighton Huch
3rd Novice Speaker: Kevin Guo
7th Novice Speaker: Sean Lee

American University II

4th Varsity Speaker: Leighton Huch

Rutgers University

8th Varsity Team: Leighton Huch and Kyle Painter
6th Novice Speaker: Kevin Guo

George Washington University 2

5th Varsity Team: Leighton Huch and Chris Riehle
5th Varsity Speaker: Leighton Huch

Brandeis IV

13th Varsity Team: Tinley Melvin & Gordon Lew

George Washington University

5th Varsity Team: Evan Hernandez and Miles Witthaus

American University

3rd Novice Speaker: Katherine Shen
9th Varsity Speaker: Brad Cohn

University of Pennsylvania

12th Varsity Team: Chris Riehle and David Peterson
10th Varsity Team: Brad Cohn and Kyle Painter

William & Mary

5th Varsity Speaker: Leighton Huch
5th Varsity Team: Leighton Huch and Dan Cobos (GW)

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