The Chicago Debate Society is the parliamentary debate team of the University of Chicago. We compete on the American Parliamentary Debate Association and British Parliamentary Debate circuits and send debaters to tournaments almost every weekend. CDS has consistently met tremendous success on APDA, qualifying teams to Nationals every year and routinely winning Speaker and Team Awards at tournaments. Additionally, we are offering BP opportunities for the first time this year. We welcome prospective members of all experience levels to drop by our practices every Wednesday at 6pm, Thursday at 6pm, and Sunday at 2pm in Cobb. For more information, please browse this website or direct any questions to our friendly officer board.

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American University

Drew Harrington broke to quarters at American University ProAms this weekend with his hybrid, meaning he is now qualled for Nationals! Great job Drew!

Novice Competition

Great job to everyone who debated in our novice competition, from both UChicago and other schools! The breaking teams were Rachel Blume and Ben Koch, Daniel Polissky and Katherine Ottenbreit, Ajay Chopra and Jaewan Park, and Colby Rogers and Samuel Sagawa. In the end, Ben and Rachel won the final round.

DC United

CDS had an incredible weekend! A huge congratulations to Jay Gibbs and Drew Harrington for winning the DC United Tournament! Jay also won top speaker of the tournament, and Drew won 8th speaker. In addition, Adi Ram and Andrew Hamilton made it to partial-octofinals.


Congrats to Liya Khan and Madi Norman for making it to octofinals at Brown University's tournament this past weekend!


Congratulations to Josh Zakharov and Zachary Lemonides for making it to quarterfinals at Tufts, and to Josh for being 10th varsity speaker as well.


Another strong weekend for CDS at Williams College. Congratulations to Zachary Lemonides for his 9th speaker award!


CDS started the year strong at Hopkins this weekend! Both of our teams maintained a winning record in a very competitive field. Additionally, Zachary Lemonides and Andrew Hamilton reached the semi-finals, with Zach taking home tenth varsity speaker as well!