Officer Board

The Officer Board of the Chicago Debate Society comprises five undergraduates in the college. The Board oversees all aspects of team operation, including making final decisions on tournament selections. Throughout the competitive season the board also holds weekly office hours for members. We hold elections Spring Quarter every year.


President: Kelton Anderson

Class of 2017 | Email:

Kelton is a fourth-year in the college double majoring in Public Policy and Political Science. In high school Kelton competed nationally in Lincoln-Douglass style debate. Keltons’s responsibilities as President include overseeing all CDS activities and acting as a liaison between the Chicago Debate Society, University of Chicago administrators, and other APDA teams. After college, Kelton plans on attending law school and pursuing a career in legal matters.


Vice President of Operations: Carson McKay

Class of 2018 | Email:

Carson is a third-year in the College studying Economics and Political Science. Prior to his APDA career, he competed on the robust Idaho policy debate circuit. Carson is responsible for running weekly practices and facilitating team-wide training. Prospective members should contact Carson with any questions about the team.


Vice President of Finance: Andrew Hamilton

Class of 2019 | Email:

Andrew is a second-year in the College majoring in Political Science and Economics. He debated on the Canadian Parliamentary and British Parliamentary circuits in his native Canada before coming to Chicago. As the Vice President of Finance, he is in charge of negotiating funding and managing the budget. He’s VP Finance so he has no free time to do other things.


Convener: Kenny Loke

Class of 2019 | Email:

Kenny is the Convener for the Chicago Debate Society. He is a second-year and a prospective economics major; he studied in Singapore for the entirety of his pre-collegiate life and started debating late in high school. As Convener, Kenny is responsible for managing the social outreach of CDS, connecting the university to open CDS events, and facilitating the annual Langfan Constitutional Debate Tournament. He is also responsible for organizing all of the social events throughout the year. In short, his primary job is to ensure that everyone on the team has a great time.


Secretary: Zachary Lemonides

Class of 2019 | Email:

Zach is a second-year student majoring in Political Science and Public Policy. Prior to coming to University, he debated with his high school’s public forum team. As secretary, Zach’s job is to manage the CDS website, take minutes for board meetings, keep track of team practice attendance, and handle team registration for tournaments.